Chasing The Sun

In my last post, we discussed an interesting topic.

There is always somewhere in the world that’s hot. Want to spend 12 months in the sunshine? Here’s how!

January – Phuket (Thailand)

Thailand, also known as the land of smiles, is home to Phuket and its sandy beaches, glittering waters and jungle topped mountains. What better way to overcome the January blues than a visit to paradise?

Fun fact: You’re 100% happier when you’re swimming in turquoise waters!

February – Australia

Not sure what kind of holiday you’re after? The sheer vastness of Australia means that you can sate any desire, from treks through the wilderness, watersports, adrenaline-fueled endeavours, or indeed relaxing and beautiful views.

Fun fact: 21 million of Australia’s population love the sun!

March – Dubai

March is the best month to visit Dubai. The hot sun is complemented by a cool breeze, blue skies and stunning beaches. If you need another excuse to pay a visit to this part of the world – why not watch a camel race? Or head to one of Dubai’s shopping hot spots for some retail therapy.

Fun fact: The Burj Khalifa is so tall that the sun is visible for longer on the top floor than the bottom.

April – Morocco

Learn to soak up a little bit of culture in between sunbathing! Morocoo is definitely the place for you. Here you can visit the world-famous Sahara desert or climb the atlas mountains.

Fun fact: Morocoo has 172,000 square miles and is slightly larger than sunny California.

May – Miami

Miami, also known as the Magical City, offers the allure of beautiful, turquoise coastlines together with the glamour of a cosmopolitan city. Whether you want to improve your tan, admire your favourite Hollywood idols up close or indulge in a spot of retail therapy – Miami is not to be missed.

Fun fact: Nearly 12 million people visited Miami in 2009. Check out my next post.

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